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Domestic network:

Vanocean is headquartered in Shenzhen, in the domestic service areas for the Guangdong Pearl River Delta, the service also covered Southern China, southwest, East China, central China, North China and Northeast China, service routes throughout the world's major ports, with 15 domestic branches, more than 80 overseas overseas agencies, for the vast number of customers door door to door service and all kinds of freight services.

The domestic private networks and cooperative site: Shenzhen, Hongkong, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shunde, Jiangmen, Foshan, Zhanjiang, Fangcheng, Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing, Qingdao, Tianjin, wuhan.

The domestic private network connection way:

Shenzhen headquarters address: Shenzhen City Guangdong Province Luohu District 1199 peace road Jintian building 2208 room

Tel: +86 ( 755) 22167070-73, 22167075-78

Fax: +86 ( 755) : 22167075


Guangzhou branch address: Guangzhou city along the Yangtze River Road 299, Yinhai 15 floor building F unit

Tel: +86 (20) 36104505/06/07/08/09--8008


Foshan Office address: Guangdong Province Foshan City, 25 North Road Jinhua garden 1004 room

Tel: +86 ( 757) : 83032080

Fax: +86 ( 757) : 83032078


Shunde office address: Shunde Ronggui Town, Foshan City Rongqi Avenue No. 183 on 3 6C room

Tel: +86 ( 757) : 22901075

Fax: +86 ( 757) : 22901275


Zhanjiang branch address: Zhanjiang City, the people of South Avenue 42 number China World Trade Center City Plaza B building 1209 room

Tel: +86 ( 759) : 22901075

Fax: +86 ( 759) : 22901275


Fangcheng branch address: Guangxi Fangchenggang City Port District Friendship Road 8, 9 floor of property insurance company

Tel: +86 ( 770) : 2833317

Fax: +86 ( 770) : 2833325


Nanning branch address: Nanning City National Road 166, sunshine 100 international T3 building 2415 East

Tel: +86 ( 771) : 5384181

Fax: +86 ( 771) : 5384185


Hongkong: ( Vanocean International Freight Ltd )




Brief introduction

Russian Airlines ( Russian: the dynamics of. ' for theφ.́τ - P. Is it is it iśK has 's paper paper paper for thésection of the paper; English: Aeroflot-Russian Airlines,

IATA Code: SU ): the Russian aircraft. Headquartered in Moscow, based in Moscow Xieliemeijiewo airport. Aeroflot Russian Airlines ( Aeroflot ) and was founded in 1992, the government of the Russian Federation has a 51% stake in Russian aviation. Russian Airlines is the national airline of russia. The company is Russia's largest airline. Russian aviation is also a member of the SkyTeam alliance . " ".

As early as China civil aviaton, AEROFLOT is not only the airways, but a civil aviation administration, jurisdiction and emergency air medical, detect, agricultural services, helicopter services and airport management. In remote areas, helicopter services like bus, pupils in a helicopter on the school and it is quite common for.

Soviet aviation 's heyday, covering more than 3000 domestic destinations size of city and town, over 100 International Airlines fleet, tens of thousands of, passenger numbers than the United States domestic passengers more.

With the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia aviation 29 branches in succession disintegrate into new

[ ] Russian Airlines

Russian Airlines

Airline company. After the disintegration of the renamed AEROFLOT Russian International on Russian International Airlines, but the market share of domestic immediately fell to 20% not to.

In 1994 March the company an A310 aircraft crashed, dramatic is the company's operating condition also drops into trough. Over the next few months, also is the Russian aviation transportation safety fall to the lowest point, the government set the company restructuring into state-controlled Airlines - Russian International airlines.

In a series of modern measures, Russian aviation gradually introduced the Boeing 737-400 aircraft, 767, 777. Then turn to the Airbus A319/320/321 series. The long-range Boeing 767 fleet to mainly.

Russian aviation in 2000 time jointly funded the establishment of AEROFLOT-DON in 2004/05 and Arkhangelsk Airlines bought and renamed AEROFLOT-NORD. While the domestic market share has also been picked up. In 2007 April, Russia officially became the SkyTeam aviation.

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