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Domestic network:

Vanocean is headquartered in Shenzhen, in the domestic service areas for the Guangdong Pearl River Delta, the service also covered Southern China, southwest, East China, central China, North China and Northeast China, service routes throughout the world's major ports, with 15 domestic branches, more than 80 overseas overseas agencies, for the vast number of customers door door to door service and all kinds of freight services.

The domestic private networks and cooperative site: Shenzhen, Hongkong, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shunde, Jiangmen, Foshan, Zhanjiang, Fangcheng, Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing, Qingdao, Tianjin, wuhan.

The domestic private network connection way:

Shenzhen headquarters address: Shenzhen City Guangdong Province Luohu District 1199 peace road Jintian building 2208 room

Tel: +86 ( 755) 22167070-73, 22167075-78

Fax: +86 ( 755) : 22167075


Guangzhou branch address: Guangzhou city along the Yangtze River Road 299, Yinhai 15 floor building F unit

Tel: +86 (20) 36104505/06/07/08/09--8008


Foshan Office address: Guangdong Province Foshan City, 25 North Road Jinhua garden 1004 room

Tel: +86 ( 757) : 83032080

Fax: +86 ( 757) : 83032078


Shunde office address: Shunde Ronggui Town, Foshan City Rongqi Avenue No. 183 on 3 6C room

Tel: +86 ( 757) : 22901075

Fax: +86 ( 757) : 22901275


Zhanjiang branch address: Zhanjiang City, the people of South Avenue 42 number China World Trade Center City Plaza B building 1209 room

Tel: +86 ( 759) : 22901075

Fax: +86 ( 759) : 22901275


Fangcheng branch address: Guangxi Fangchenggang City Port District Friendship Road 8, 9 floor of property insurance company

Tel: +86 ( 770) : 2833317

Fax: +86 ( 770) : 2833325


Nanning branch address: Nanning City National Road 166, sunshine 100 international T3 building 2415 East

Tel: +86 ( 771) : 5384181

Fax: +86 ( 771) : 5384185


Hongkong: ( Vanocean International Freight Ltd )




Company profile

Hapag-Lloyd has about 140 ships of modern ship, nearly 5000000 containers ( TEUs ), has more than 6900 employees, distributed in 300 regions throughout the world 114 countries, through the IT system networking, Hapag-Lloyd is not only one of the world's leading shipping company is your strong partner.

We provide more than 80 routes across the globe, with nearly 550000 standards case, total capacity of approximately one million TEU Container fleet, is the world's largest and most modern refrigerated container shipping enterprises.

With over 160 years history of Herb Roth is committed to the global container service and environmental protection.

Hapag-Lloyd company is Albert Bahrain consortium of holding subsidiaries ( Hamburg, Nagel, Signa M - Iraq of nanofiltration, Bank Limited, the Vorborg family bank and Lufthansa Meikeer owns 61.6% shares, tui group owns 38.4% of shares )

Company brief history

Hapag-Lloyd was founded in 1970 September, HAPAG and NDL ( North German Lowe's Companies ) Merged Companies. The shipping company has a long history, from the German city of Hamburg HAPAG in business in 1847 to set up investment, in 1857 the establishment of NDL in bremen. At first, the main routes for the United States of America carrying the new life of European immigrants. For a long time, HAPAG to NDL a special relationship, the last two have been rivals, however since nineteenth Century, and together they established a joint venture company.

In honor of President Albert Bahrain development of sightseeing cruise, the capacity that HAPAG was promoted to the world's top shipping line. At the same time, NDL become capable of carrying a maximum passenger shipping companies. Mr. Bahrain 's early commitment to the transport of goods and carrying tourists.

A war that two companies lost fleet as well as global route network. But in the last century 20's through with international partners friendly cooperation, they succeeded in getting a fast reconstruction. To the world economic crisis after World War II, again making them sailing fleet and loss of market share.

In 1950, HAPAG and NDL in a large degree to collaboration together form return to flight operation column. And in 1970 the two companies decided to merge in order to adapt to the rapid development of container transport industry, and to invest heavily in new ship and container.

In 2005, HAPAG Lowe's Companies acquired Inga CP shipping company, which has since become the world leader in shipping company.

2008 October Tui group HAPAG Lowe's Companies the majority equity ( 56.67%) was sold to Albert Bahrain consortium, which includes a subsidiary of Hamburg, Nagel, Signa M - Iraq of nanofiltration, Bank Limited, the Vorborg family bank and Lufthansa Meikeer. TUI AG retain the remaining equity. By December 30, 2010, tui group holds 49.88% of the equity, Albert Bahrain shares 50.12%.

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