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Domestic network:

Vanocean is headquartered in Shenzhen, in the domestic service areas for the Guangdong Pearl River Delta, the service also covered Southern China, southwest, East China, central China, North China and Northeast China, service routes throughout the world's major ports, with 15 domestic branches, more than 80 overseas overseas agencies, for the vast number of customers door door to door service and all kinds of freight services.

The domestic private networks and cooperative site: Shenzhen, Hongkong, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shunde, Jiangmen, Foshan, Zhanjiang, Fangcheng, Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing, Qingdao, Tianjin, wuhan.

The domestic private network connection way:

Shenzhen headquarters address: Shenzhen City Guangdong Province Luohu District 1199 peace road Jintian building 2208 room

Tel: +86 ( 755) 22167070-73, 22167075-78

Fax: +86 ( 755) : 22167075


Guangzhou branch address: Guangzhou city along the Yangtze River Road 299, Yinhai 15 floor building F unit

Tel: +86 (20) 36104505/06/07/08/09--8008


Foshan Office address: Guangdong Province Foshan City, 25 North Road Jinhua garden 1004 room

Tel: +86 ( 757) : 83032080

Fax: +86 ( 757) : 83032078


Shunde office address: Shunde Ronggui Town, Foshan City Rongqi Avenue No. 183 on 3 6C room

Tel: +86 ( 757) : 22901075

Fax: +86 ( 757) : 22901275


Zhanjiang branch address: Zhanjiang City, the people of South Avenue 42 number China World Trade Center City Plaza B building 1209 room

Tel: +86 ( 759) : 22901075

Fax: +86 ( 759) : 22901275


Fangcheng branch address: Guangxi Fangchenggang City Port District Friendship Road 8, 9 floor of property insurance company

Tel: +86 ( 770) : 2833317

Fax: +86 ( 770) : 2833325


Nanning branch address: Nanning City National Road 166, sunshine 100 international T3 building 2415 East

Tel: +86 ( 771) : 5384181

Fax: +86 ( 771) : 5384185


Hongkong: ( Vanocean International Freight Ltd )



The basic procedures of declaration clearance: check the tax clearance


1 the consignor of export goods in accordance with the export contract, on time and according to quality, quantity and preparation of all exports of goods, which shall apply to the shipping company charter booking procedures, prepared to handle the customs declaration formalities, or entrust a professional custom brokers company ( agent ) for customs clearance procedures.

2 need to entrust the professional or the agent declaration enterprises shall make declarations to the customs business, in exports of goods, should be in the export ports nearest to the professional customs declaration enterprise or the agent declaration enterprises entrust customs procedures. The entrusted declaration enterprise or professional agent declaration enterprises to entrust the unit received formal declaration orders, customs power of attorney in formats required by the customs shall prevail.

3 prepare customs documents for export is to ensure the smooth clearance of goods based. In general, the customs shall prepare documents in addition to export goods declaration, including: Consignment Note ( i.e. goods paper ), invoice, contract, trade export write-off single and customs supervision conditions involving various types of documents.

Problems deserving attention in application: declaration time limit : declaration time means the goods to the port, the law consignor or his agent to the customs declaration time limit. Export goods declaration time limit for loading 24 hours ago. Do not need to tax fee, the identification of goods, since the acceptance of the declaration within 1 days of customs procedures.

Inspection: inspection refers to the customs declaration and customs units in an audit to declare unit as the basis, through the actual verification of export goods, the customs declaration documents to determine whether the information declared by the actual import and export goods conform to a regulation. 1 by checking the actual goods and customs declaration documents to verify the link of declaration declaration and verification of the single, goods is consistent, through the actual inspection found the declaration document link can not be found not conceal, falsely reporting and inaccurate reporting issues. 2 through the identification can be validated to declare examination link raised doubts, as taxation, statistics and follow-up management to provide a reliable basis for the supervision. Customs inspection, must fill out an inspection records.

Inspection records generally includes inspection

Time, place, import and export goods consignor or its agent name, declare the goods, check goods transport packaging ( such as conveyance, container number, size and number ), the name of the goods, specifications etc.. Need to check the goods within 1 days from the acceptance of the declaration issued inspection notice, since with customs inspection conditions within 1 days from the date of completion, in addition to the taxes, self-examination and inspection finished 4 hours making clearance.

Taxation: according to " Customs Law " the relevant provisions of the import and export of goods, except as otherwise provided by the state, shall be imposed tariffs. Duties by the customs according to the customs import and export tariff collection. Tax fee needed goods, within 1 days from acceptance of the declaration tax payment issued, and in 2 hours making nuclear tax clearance procedures.


1 for the general export goods, the consignor or its agent shall truthfully declare to the customs, and pay the payable taxes and fees, customs export bill of lading cover " customs release chapter " consignor of export goods with a shipment of exit.

2 export cargo shutout: application in shutouts consignor shall cancel within three days of the date of the customs declaration shutout, permitted by the customs before the goods will be shipped out of places under customs supervision.

The 3 issue customs declaration form for export drawback: customs clearance, the pale yellow export tax rebate declarations stamped with " stamp " and to the tax authorities for the record of the customs audit export tax rebates for signature, refund declaration unit. In our country every day about exported $150000000 worth of goods, export tax refund for each day delayed, will give customers caused great loss. How to accelerate the export tax refund rate? In operation the most important point is to correctly fill in the export declaration. Declaration on the content to be transmitted to the customs and ship companies manifest content is consistent, can smooth write-off tax rebate. The customs acceptance of the declaration and clearance, due to transport loading and other reasons, part of the goods loaded on to the original declaration transport, consignor of export goods shall submit to the customs declaration of export goods " change the application form " and the corrected invoice, bill of lading box copies of corrections, such declarations on the content to manifest content is consistent with.

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